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Professional cleaning services.

Why Should I Hire A Cleaner?

Hiring a professional cleaner has many benefits such as giving you back more time to focus on the things you love doing, and maintaining a healthy home and workplace environment. For renters we can help secure your full bond back by offering a full service bond / end of lease cleaning service. Home owners looking to sell their home can benefit from our Pre-sale cleaning service.

can i hire as a once off or regular basis?

We offer non-contract basis cleaning services, depending on your needs you can either choose to have your home or business cleaned on a once-off / spring clean basis. Or choose a routine once a week or bi-weekly cleaning schedule. Our minimum service charge is 2.5 hours.

Additional extras can be added to your routine / once-off cleaning needs at a discounted rate:

  • refrigerator cleaning
  • Oven, range hood cleaning
  • Balcony / outdoor patio cleaning
  • Non-fabric (timber venetian)  blinds cleaning.
  • Window cleaning (interior side), full interior & exterior window cleaning for single storey only.

I work on a full-time basis, how can i give access to my cleaner(s)?

Which ever you're most comfortable with you can either leave a spare key with your trusted neighbour who will be home at the time of your schedule or leave underneath any other discreet place, or code to the garage. Another option is to buy a lock box which uses a pin code for secure key storage. Rest assured our cleaners are fully insured for your peace of mind.

Why Will my initial clean be more expensive than my subsequent regular cleans?

From experience it takes a little more time to clean on the first visit as we focus on bringing your home back up to a high standard. We use the extra time to focus on removing  built up soap scum, grime and dirt from your home. Feel free to get in touch with us today for your free tailored quote.

What happens if my cleaner(s) missed something?

During the initial consultation we formulate a cleaning plan in accordance to your needs and budget, and we always strive for ultimate customer satisfaction. However in the unlikely event your service wasn't done to your standard or for example  if a cleaner forgets to wipe over kitchen bench tops before leaving site. We guarantee all cleans, which is why we're are happy to correct our mistakes at no additional costs to you, as long as you report to us within the 24 hour period of your most recent service